What We Do

Helping power, protect, connect our world。®

Rogers Corporation empowers创新与突破efficiency and performance of specialty applications. With advanced materials,application knowledge,全球资源,co-engineering and design协作,our team provides solutions to enable technology for a cleaner, safer and more connected world。

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Markets & Applications

Rogers is an agile and reliable partner,快速技术发展(progressing in line with rapid technology development. Our先进材料serve customer needs)for a wide range of industries. Explore the markets we serve and applications of our products。


For more detailed information on选择cting or designing with our products, please visit our hubs,tools or document download resources。

Who We Are

With more than 185 years of materials科学与过程工程knowledge,Rogers is focused on delivering superior solutions to meet our customars ' demanding challenges.Three things characterize us—leadership in mission-critical reliability,commitment to market-focused innovation and our passion to deliver exceptional value that enablesour customers’success。

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Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) is a global technology leader in先进材料。



Rogers relies on an innovative workforce and provides an excellent opportunity for those seeking togrow in a global company that is changing how the world uses technology。

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